Frequently Asked Questions

I am trying to submit new trackers to the list but they are not added

  1. Verify that the tracker is not already in the list. This includes URL and IP(s); if a tracker resolves to the same IP(s) than any tracker already in the list, that counts as duplicate.
  2. Check that the tracker is currently working with your BitTorrent client. Only trackers working when submitted are added to the list.
  3. Verify your tracker does not deny connections according to the BEP34.
  4. If you have checked everything and really think there is an error with newTrackon, please open a new GitHub issue or contact me as stated in the About section.

I am the maintainer of a tracker and I want to change/delete the URL in the list

You can use BEP34 to delete your tracker from newTrackon, or change the port and protocol. For other changes, contact me as stated in the About section

How do I add a tracker to my torrents?

Go to the list section, copy the trackers and paste them in your BitTorrent client.

How is the uptime calculated?

Uptime is calculated based on the percentage of valid responses to the last 1000 attempts to contact the tracker. Because the interval between attempts will depend on the interval for that tracker and other factors, comparing the uptime values of different trackers is not completely 'fair'.

Does newTrackon respect the trackers update interval?


How can I help newTrackon?

If you can program in Python, or know some Javascript, I'm sure there are many improvements that could be made. And finally, if you find newTrackon useful, tell your friends about it, the more the merrier!